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Your investment is important and so is your peace of mind. Many of our clients do not live in the region or even in France. With our caretaking services, clients can rest assured that someone is keeping a watchful eye on their property and is on hand to arrange any maintenance work that may be required.

Our key holding service allows for:

  • The keys to your property are kept secure
  • A monthly visit to your property to check everything is in order and keep you informed
  • Collecting and forwarding of mail if necessary
  • Access to prepare your property, switch on electricity, hot water etc before you or your guest’s arrival
  • Authorized access for yourself and your guests, tradesmen required for general maintenance and the delivery of goods
  • Meter readings to be taken when required

Property Preparation

First impressions count. Entering a property which is fresh, clean and in good working order makes all the difference. Before your guests arrive at the start of the season, Service Riviera can arrange for:

  • An inspection of the property and, with your approval, arrange for any maintenance or repairs to be done
  • A thorough spring clean and airing of the property
  • Dry cleaning of curtains, carpets, bed covers and mattress protectors on your behalf
  • The electricity and hot water to be switched on
  • Any household items or cleaning products to be purchased
  • Extra keys to be cut
  • An inventory to be prepared if you require one

Service Riviera can also provide you with a guideline to equipping your property and would be happy to suggest ways that your home could be made more appealing to rental guests.